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The phrase “last will and testament” may seem formal and antiquated, but the name makes one thing clear: the document is literally your last word after you pass. A will is a way you can tell your family and your friends how you felt about them in life by giving them the gifts of your assets after you’re gone. The way you divide things and the people that inherit your possessions is entirely up to you, and these are all things you will establish in your formal document. 

Creating a Will in Idaho

The legal process of creating a will may seem complicated, but Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning is here to help. The Post Falls will attorneys at our Idaho estate planning law firm provides friendly and accessible legal assistance to help you build a will that meets your interests so that you can feel at peace about you and your loved ones’ future.

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What Can a Will Do?

A will, formally called a “last will and testament,” is a legal document detailing how you want to distribute your belongings among surviving family members and others named in the document. If you pass without a will, your possessions will go to your closest surviving family members or the state if no family members are found. 

In a will, you can:

  • specify the people and organizations you would like to leave your property to;
  • name a personal guardian to care for any minor children you are leaving behind;
  • name a trusted person to manage the property you leave to your minor children;
  • name a personal representative to make sure that the terms of your will are carried out.

Idaho Will Laws

In Idaho, your will must be signed by yourself and at least two other witnesses. 

Wills may be revoked whenever you wish simply by destroying the document or instructing someone to destroy the document. If you seek to modify your will, the easiest way to do so will be to revoke it and rewrite it. However, if you are only intending to make a small change, you can add an amendment, or a “codicil,” to the end of the will with note of that change.

Living Wills

A last will and testament isn’t the only document you should have. A living will is also useful for expressing your wishes in the case that you are injured or otherwise incapable of telling people what medical response you want. Combined with a medical power of attorney, a living will can offer you peace of mind that what you want to happen will happen, even if you are not conscious or capable of making the decision at the time.

Let Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning Help You Make a Will

Will law can become complicated to understand at times, even with relatively simple estates. For instance, family situations or your specific wishes might not be straightforward. Even if you feel like you have a comparatively straightforward will, the legal language must accurately encapsulate these wishes in order to be carried out appropriately. 

The will attorneys at Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning will carefully analyze your wishes and ensure that the language of your last will and testament protects you and your family.

Will Lawyers you Can Trust

Don’t delay in creating your will. No matter what stage you are at in life, having a will can offer peace of mind for your future that your loved ones will be taken care of, and your property distributed according to your wishes. 

Speak with the will attorneys at Rathdrum & Post Falls Estate Planning to get the trustworthy answers you need to your legal questions. The Post Falls lawyers at our Idaho law firm have the experience, wisdom, and motivation to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

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